Schools for Children - Toronto & York Region 

Aptus offers two children's schools in partnership with the Toronto and York Region School Boards for students ages 4 to 21. Within Aptus' services, the student may develop and learn new cognitive, communication and social skills, but most importantly, they learn how to cope with their challenging and sometimes overwhelming emotions and psychological stressors. 

Children's School - Toronto Region

Our Toronto-based school provides individualized, person-directed treatment plans that are driven by the strengths and needs of the child or youth.  Life skills training includes learning about healthy living and preparing for work after graduation or other activities as identified in their personal goals. Educational components are offered through a Memorandum of Understanding with the Toronto District School Board. The Toronto school is connected to Aptus Teaching Landscape, a year-round environmental learning hub, and Mossie Park. 

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Children's School - York Region

Located in York Region, this school supports students who are unable to be served in a typical school setting. The school offers a sensory-enriched environment that is specifically designed to respond to the individualized needs of each student. The specially-designed environment assists students in developing sensory processing, regulatory and coping skills necessary for learning, growing and life skill development. Students have many opportunities to explore their talents in music, art and drama as well as the opportunity to develop a sense of self, self worth and community through self-esteem enhancement activities. They also have opportunities to explore their vocational/employment-related goals for their future.

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