COVID-19 Support Resources from Aptus and Partners

Aptus and its clinical partner, Mackenzie Health Centre for Behaviour Health Sciences, have created a number of resources which might be helpful to support families or other organizations supporting people who have developmental disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also included three infographics created by the Special Olympics which would be helpful to share or post. 

COVID-19 resources
Social story to explain COVID-19
Social story to explain why no visitors are coming to home
Social story to explain why the day program has closed
Visual flyer to explain how someone might have different staff helping them
Visual flyer explaining how staying inside is a key part of staying safe
Infographic re: how COVID-19 spreads 
Infographic "What you need to know" re: COVID-19 
Infographic "How to protect yourself" 

Behaviour support resources
Basic tips manual regarding supporting behavior challenges
How-to video on visual schedules -- how to create and use
Info video on the importance of reinforcement in reducing behavior challenges
Info and how-to video on the importance of choice in reducing behavior challenges