Aptus launches partnership to impact First Nations

On Aboriginal Day, Aptus is proud to announce a 1-year partnership with Anishinabek Nation (Union of Ontario Indians) funded by Ontario Trillium Foundation. Anishinabek Nation is Ontario’s oldest organization and offers health supports, among other services in First Nations in Ontario. In our partnership, Aptus will make bi-monthly visits to 3 First Nations near Peterborough and offer sensory assessments and skills training. Aptus partner Aquilla Occupational Therapy Services will lead its recognized fetal alcohol syndrome disorder support training. First Nations communities report significantly higher rates of children and youth with developmental disabilities and yet limited access to assessments or support. Anishinabek Nation feels that Aptus’ sensory approaches will be well received by First Nations peoples. This project will be called "Sensory First Nations." We look forward to sharing more news as this partnership progresses.