Community Partnerships

Ministry of Community and Social Services

Aptus Treatment Centre is one of the Ministry's partner agencies for developmental services and programs supporting inclusion for adults with developmental disabilities and their families, accessed through Developmental Services Ontario and Respite Services.  

Ministry of Child and Youth Services

Aptus' programs for children are funded by the Ministry of Child and Youth Services.    

Board of Education

In a partnership with the Board of Education, Aptus offers Section 23 Programs for both the Toronto District School Board and the York District School Board for students ages 4 to 21. 


Corbrook and Aptus Treatment Centre work together in providing vocational training to people with disabilities, offered at Aptus' adult day services site in Toronto. 

Kerry’s Place

Kerry’s Place and Aptus Treatment Centre work together in provide training to caregivers and staff.  Kerry’s place offers exceptional trainings often located at Aptus' main site.

Meta Centre

Meta Centre and Aptus Treatment Centre work together to provide increased clinical services to the people they support. Meta Centre provides behavioural therapy to Aptus when needed, and Aptus provides occupational therapy to the Meta Centre when needed.

Griffin Centre

Aptus Treatment Centre holds one temporary adult day services spot for adults who are receiving services from the Griffin centre and require a place to go during the day for a short period of time.

University of Toronto

Aptus Treamtent Centre welcomes placement students from the University of Toronto’s Occupational Therapy program.

College of Dental Hygiene

Since September 2013, Dental Hygiene students from the Toronto College of Dental Hygienists have been coming twice a month to our Adult and Children’s Day Programs to provide oral screenings and oral hygiene education to the people we support. The people we support have enjoyed interacting with the students, learning oral hygiene skills and improving their willingness to having their gums and teeth checked, which helps to prepare them for their next visit to the dentist.

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

Aptus Treatment Centre has had a long standing relationship with the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College since 1994. Once a week, under the leadership and supervision of Dr. Stephen Zylich, 14 interns and 28 substitute interns visit our Toronto Children's Program in the morning and Adult Day Program in the afternoon.  Throughout the day, they deliver 60-65 treatments which involve sensory stimulation, physical activity goals, gross motor integration, fall risk prevention and chiropractic care.

Humber College

Aptus Treamtent Centre welcomes placement students from Humber College’s Massage Therapy Students.

Schulich MBA Program

Aptus was honoured to be a Partner in Learning with the Schulich School of Business MBA program at York University.  This was in order to provide an MBA group the opportunity to study our organization and partner with faculty in the Strategy Field Study learning experience.  


Aptus Treamtent Centre and Flaghouse have had a long standing partnership. Flaghouse has made many generous donations to Aptus Treatment Centre, and in turn our treatment centre is a place where people can come to see and try some of the equipment Flaghouse has to offer.

Aptus is always looking for new and innovative community partnerships.  If you are interested in developing a partnership, please contact 416-630-2222 or